Who am I?


Languages and frameworks

  • Python
  • C++
  • Django
  • FastAPI
  • SQL
  • PyTelegramBotAPI
  • Kotlin
  • AVR Assembly
  • Solidity

Software and platforms

  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio
  • PyCharm
  • Postman
  • Git
  • Office suite
  • Inkscape
  • Sony Vegas
  • Linux and bash
  • Windows and PowerShell
  • Arduino IDE
  • Lego mindstorms

Hardware and miscellanous

  • Software architectures
  • Robotics
  • PC repair and assembly
  • Kernel and ROM compilation
  • Android debugging and rooting
  • System administration
  • Fluent English
  • Logic and problem solving skills
  • Information security skills


I participated in many different projects. Here are my favourite!

EGR End Of Line tester

This program is used in real production to perform End Of Line tests of EGR valves. It is written in Python and uses PyQt5, PyQtGraph and PyPDF2


A service integrated with IoT devices. Made to perform quality control on chicken farms. Uses Django, MySQL, Pillow, asyncio, PyPDF2 and Docker.

Card Dispenser

This is my first commercial project which is basically an app with a single button that allows operator to give keycards to employees. The app is connected to a physical card dispenser through a custom Arduino circuit. This project uses Qt5, Arduino, C++.


I also participate in a lot of CTF competitions. You can find my team here

Fun facts!

  • I love summer camps and I have spent a lot of time as a counselor
  • My favourite animals are capybaras and owls
  • My favourite food is Chak-Chak a Tatar national dish
  • My favourite colour is white
  • I have a lot of Raspberry Pi and Arduino related stuff
  • My favourite musical genre is phonk
  • I like to play videogames. My favorites are Subnautica, Overwatch and Cult of the lamb